• How do I book my car in for service?

    You can contact us by phone for fast response on  07527 111 777 or 07305 323 878 Alternatively you can use our booking form on our website LINK HERE. WHATSAPP 07305 323 878 / 07527 111 777

  • Do you use good quality parts when servicing my car?

    There are many different brands when it comes to parts, generally you get OEM parts which are genuine manaufacterer parts, you can get high quality non OEM parts which are generally to the same standard of quality as OEM parts and you also get budget parts which are cheaper but can be good and make no difference on certain items. We usually supply and recomend our customers high quality non OEM parts, we do not recommend budget parts.

    However we are happy to use parts which the customer prefers. On certain items we will never use budget parts such as injectors or turbos. On certain items we will use budget parts if the customer asks such as tyres. We are happy to giude on an individual basis depending on car age, customer budget and car make.

  • Is my warranty affected if i service my car from an independent garage?

    If your car is under manufacturer warranty just let us know and we will only use genuine oem parts, your warranty will still be valid. If you have a third party warranty then your warranty will still be valid even if we use non genuine parts, this applies to most warranty companies but please check with your warranty provider. We can use genuine and non genuine parts depending on the customers requriements.

  • Can you collect and deliver my car?

    Yes we can collect and deliver your car from only £50. As long long as your vehicle is drivable and running we can collect your car, maximum distance 15 miles from our site. If a car needs winching or is undrivable it will need recovering by a speciliast recovery agent.

  • My car does not start or cannot be driven, can you collect it?

    Yes we can but it will have to be recoevred, the cost of this will be between £60-£150  for a distance of up to 15 miles depending on vehicle size and difficulty in winching. We can arrange this using a third party local recovery agent.

  • Why does it cost more to have my recovered?

    Recovery costs are not cheap due to insurance and running costs of recovery vehicles, we do not operate a reocvery truck so we outsource our recovery truck to local recovery agents.

  • I need a service and MOT, can i have my car back the same day or within a couple of hours.

    Generally we can service and MOT a car within the same day. When carrying out any work on a car we cannot promisse a finish time for the work, the reason for this is so many things can delay our work whcih is not in our control, for example, rusty or broek bolts or old parts, wrong parts supplied by parts suppliers, additional parts required upon closer inspection, the list goes on. Sometimes we can be very busy so we aim to complete every service on the same day but we c annot promisse it.

  • A dashboard warning light came on my car, can you diagnose it and give me a price on repair?

    Yes we can diagnsose a fault and quote a repair.

  • Can you offer fixed price servicing so I know what I am paying?

    Yes we can, we have fixed priced servicing on most cars, obviously if there is aditonal work requried we will only carry this out with the authorisation from the customer.

  • Why cant you do a fix price repairs, why is the quote an estimate on repair work, for example my car goes in for a £150 service but ends up costing me more.

    When we service a car, if we find a fault that needs repair then that will cost us extra time on labour and parts, we have to charge for this, cars have hundreds of parts and it is vital that everything is checked and kept in good condition or replaced. Obviously we never carry out any extra work without the authorisation from the customer.

  • How do I know my car actually needs the extra work that the garage tells me it needs?

    We will only ever advise you to replace parts if they are either advisory which means they will need replacing within the next 3 months or 3000 miles, or if the part is currently faulty. We can provide photo evidence or video on whatsapp to show the customer what the problem is, we are happy to do this, please ask if you want this.

  • Can I come in the workshop and check my car whilst you are working on it so I know whats going on with it?

    We can only let staff into the workshop floor due to health and safety reasons, if you need evidence of work we can show you photos and videos, this is not a problem but please ask us to do this prior to work being carried out and not after.

  • I have some minor work needed on my car and need the car the same day. I have to collect my children from school/go home from work/go to work/go on holiday/go to a party and need my car, will I have my car back in time.

    We cannot garantee a return time for your car, there are too many variables at play for example only, wrong parts supplied by parts supplier, some parts missing and only available from main dealer with back order, no parts in the country, broken bolts, rusty bolts, additional parts faulty upon resolving original issue, previous car stuck on ramp for above reasons and cannot get next car on in time. These issues are not limited to us but all garages.

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