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We carry out free brake checks for our customers, it is vital that all aspects of your cars braking system are in good condition, wether your brake pads are low or your disks are worn or rusty we can help, often overlooked in servicing is the brake fluid, it is recommended by most manufacturers that brake fluid be replaced every two years to avoid the build up of water in the braking system which causes gradual loss of performance and can impact the safety of your cars braking system. This is often overlooked by some garages and customers alike due to customers trying to save money, please note it is not expensive to replace brake fluid in the context of vehicle servicing and repairs. We can also check and replace brake pipes which can rust over time. Whether the brakes on your car are noisy, juddering or vibrating, or simply not performing as they should then we can help. Feel free to book your car in for a free brake system check. 

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